Do people in college still carry backpacks??


That’s just one of the many questions flying through my head as I lie down to go to bed lately. I start college (again) on Thursday, and to say I’m nervous would be like asking if the Ronald McDonald wants a BigMac. DUH! I’m freaking out. I feel like a fourteen-year-old trying to choose her first day of school outfit. Do I wear boots with a heel? Do I wear Converse? If I wear Converse, will people think I’m trying too hard to look like I’m not trying too hard?!?!?! Do or don’t people still carry backpacks in college!!! TELL ME!!!! Okay…sorry…. But, please, someone tell me.

Other than having miniature panic attacks every time someone asks when I start school, I’ve spent a lot of time in my kitchen lately. If you’ve read my blog before, you would know about my resolution. I’m surprised and pleased to say I have held true to it so far. Normally, by now I BEEN HAD jumped off that bandwagon! But, I have successfully cooked/baked something new everyday since January 1st. To keep up with my creations, check out my pinterest board called recipe-a-day//2014.

In my last blog post, I mentioned cooking a chicken in my crockpot. Let’s just say it was edible. For some reason, no matter what recipe or method I use, I cannot for the life of me cook a delicious and juicy chicken in the crockpot! They always seem really dry to me. I always think I’m over cooking them, but this last time I intentionally didn’t let the crockpot go as long as the recipe called for, and it STILL ended up dry!!! Someone, please shed some light on this really dim situation. I long to put a chicken in the crockpot before work and come home to a perfectly juicy and delectable chicken just ready and waiting to be eaten. Apparently at this time in my life, that is not in the cards.

Looks can be deceiving. This chicken LOOKS juicy, but alas, it is dry.

photo 1-3

Although the crockpot chicken did not pan out well, there have been quite a few successes in my baking endeavors lately. My friend Rebecca came over to catch up the other day, and while she was here, we made a Tres Leches Cake. Seriously, the best cake that’s ever entered my cake-hole. The cake itself has a little cinnamon in it, which really put it over the top for me, not to mention the three milks you pour over the cake as it’s just come out of the oven and the freshly whipped cream you top the entire cake with once it’s cooled. (I hope you’re drooling right now, because if you aren’t, I need to ask you to leave my blog. Your kind is not welcome here.) Needless to say, everyone that ate the cake loved the cake. If you are needing to take a dessert to Bible study, bunco, or the in-laws’, take this. You will no longer have enemies.

Although I didn’t take pictures of the delicious Tres Leches Cake, here is my favorite picture of Rebecca and me.

photo 1-4

I have to include this one to showcase how beautiful Rebecca is (and so she won’t disown me as her friend).

photo 2-4

I also tried my hand, and succeeded, at making a gluten-free cake. I have a friend who switched to a gluten-free lifestyle, and her birthday was Saturday, so she asked earlier in the week if I’d try to make her a cake. I accepted, but was quite nervous to step into this uncharted territory. I researched a couple different recipes, found one that seemed the most straight-forward, and headed to Publix. Side note, xantham gum is quite expensive, but I learned it’s necessary in gluten-free baking. Invest once, and you’ll have it for a long time. Back to the cake. Per my friend’s request, I made her a vanilla cake with blueberry compote filling and cream cheese frosting. The cake itself stressed me out a little, but I also made the blueberry compote and cream cheese frosting from scratch, and those two weren’t nearly as intensive as the cake. I even impressed myself a little by torting the cake (cutting the cake and filling it). I asked my friend to give me honest feedback about to cake so that if I needed to, I could improve. Well, she texted me and reported that the cake was delicious! I’m so happy I could do that for her, and was grateful for the learning experience! WHEW!

photo 2-3

Tonight, I’m trying my hand at a dairy-free chocolate banana nut bread. Once the verdict has been reached, I’ll share the recipe for that. For now, thanks for reading my ramblings and supporting me in these a’changin’ times. I’m doing my best to inject consistency into different facets of my life, and I appreciate you hopping on board with me. Until next time!!!

P.S. If you have any recipe suggestions of any kind, BRING ‘EM ON! 🙂