brinner. (or, brupper, depending on where you’re from.)


It’s a beautiful little thing when one has breakfast for dinner (or supper. Only weirdos call it supper, though. I digress…) Tonight, my mom and I spent our Saturday evening making homemade pecan waffles and bacon for brinner. It TOTALLY hit the spot. If you haven’t had brinner lately, I urge you to do so as soon as humanly possible. Maybe not tomorrow though, I think someone said something about some snow. Anyway, brinner is probably one of my absolute favorite meals. It’s so very nostalgic. My mom, my brother, and I used to have brinner once a week when I was a kid. My mom use to let us pick out chocolate milk at the grocery store, being that it was a special occasion and all, and we used to all have a job in the kitchen. Bob would pour the milk (chocolate, duh.) and set the table, I would help mom with the bacon or waffles, and mom would fly solo on the egg-making; she definitely knows what she’s doing when it comes to some eggs.

Down the road, in the early days of being a wife, Grant and I made brinner PLENTY of times. It seriously makes you feel like a light-hearted eight-year-old. We would set our brand new little dining room table for two in our little one-bedroom apartment and gaze lovingly into each others’ eyes over banana waffles, over-easy eggs, and a glass of ice-cold milk. Those were the days. (I know, barf.)

Everyone has a meal or type of food that resonates with them in the same way that brinner gets straight to my heart. It brings back innocence, warmth, and comfort like few things in this world can. What’s yours?

pecan waffle

PECAN.WAFFLE. aka, key to my heart-belly. they’re one in the same.


“This next year will be your year!”


My best friend Jessy wrote this to me in my 25th birthday card. And I believe her. My 25th birthday was a day that started with meeting my sweet friend Caitlin for coffee, spending the day with my look-alike friend Regina and her two boys, having dinner with my stepmom Julie, with whom I share my birthday, and my dad and younger brother Joe, and ended lying in bed next to the love of my life. The next day, my mom accompanied me to Sunset Grill in Nashville where we were driven around in a top-of-the-line Lincoln MKZ by an ex-racecar driver named Mario, then served a three course meal on the house! UMMM??!!!! Yes, it was amazing.

The following weekend was met by a HUGE surprise: my husband told me we had a 9pm reservation at an undisclosed location (which I already knew because no one, and I mean NO ONE, can surprise me, I tell ya!). I played along and acted excited, which I really was! He knows how much I love food and trying out upscale restaurants. Little did I know, however, that some of my dearest friends were all at the bar anticipating our arrival. We walked into the restaurant, turned to the left to head to the bar, and there they all sat! Okay, so I guess every now and then I can be surprised!

That was probably in the top 3 of best birthday dinners ever. Seriously! Great conversation, good wine, and exceptional farm-to-table cuisine. Definitely the key to my heart.

That wonderful celebration had my 25th year off to a hopeful start! I started a new job at an awesome vintage marketplace, had a great holiday season with my family, and got some cool presents to feed my addiction: cooking. In two weeks, I’ll go back to college in hopes of completing a degree in Marketing. I’d say I’m off to a great start. I’m hoping that praying, cooking, and blogging regularly will help keep me grounded and focused as I embark on this new journey. I appreciate and welcome any advice, encouragement, criticism, or whatever comment you’d like to make. Here’s to being 25 and soaking up every second!


Coffee with Caitlin, both of us looking our best! 😉


Unfortunately, I didn’t get a picture with Regina, but Boone made sure to take a picture of me on my birthday. And then, of course, sweet Oliver just made googley eyes at me all day, and I let him.


My stepmom, Julie. We both turned 25 on the same day!! 😉


Mom and I pretending to be knowledgable in the ways of the high-class life. I’d say we passed.


My precious Grant and I before walking into Lockeland Table for dinner…little did I know what (or who, I should say) was waiting inside!!!


Some of my nearest and dearest, from left to right: Heyburn, Jessy, Jonathan, Tyler, Rebecca, and two other weirdos that ended up at our table. What an unforgettable meal and evening.